What some customers have to say about the astrology and numerology readings from Karla:



“You have a real gift you need to share. This information helped me resolve a lifelong challenge in relationships.”
M. L., Nursing Administrator, Birmingham, AL

M. L., Nursing Administrator

“Thank you so much. You transformed what seemed like a frightening aspect into an inspiration for my working future.”
K. W., Software Program Manager Langley, WA

K. W., Software Program Manager

"My husband and I each met with Karla.  We appreciated her ability to give us information that was not only insightful but was actionable!
I was grateful to hear confirmation about things I already understood, while hearing new things that helped clarify and simplify the direction of my future.
My husband and I plan to continue working with Karla and the next time we meet we will work on our marital chart; exciting!  Thanks Karla, for everything." 
Ann Dorgan, Executive Coach, Seattle, WA

Ann Dorgan, Executive Coach

“This has been very helpful to me. I now see a way to proceed with hope and enthusiasm.”
 R. B., Retired Telephone Company Executive, Birmingham, AL

R. B., Retired Telephone Company Executive

“Wow! What a great and unexpected present. I guess there is no turning back now. I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a consultancy. THANK YOU SO MUCH! The message couldn’t have come at a better time.
 L. S., Information and Client Services V.P., San Francisco, CA

L. S., Information and Client Services V.P.

“You have such a unique approach to astrology. I loved how you described the relationship between my daughter and me. I feel hopeful and inspired.”
J. C. Therapist, Virginia Beach, VA 

J. C. Therapist

"I want to thank you again for your reading.  It helped me out almost immediately (with my daughter, a senior in college.  So thank you so much."
J. Aguirre, V.P. Global Alliances, San Francisco

J. Aguirre, V.P. Global Alliances