Sample Astrology Questions and Answers


 We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born.  Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.  ~Carl Gustav Jung

Question – My 17 year old son has suddenly decided he’s not going to college, is missing school days, and is picking arguments with his father and me. We’re concerned he might not finish High School. Can you tell me what’s going on and if this is going to last a long time?
Answer – First, don’t worry – this situation won’t last forever! Transiting Uranus is exactly opposed to your son’s Natal Sun right now and has been for almost two months. This indicated a time when your son  experienced a strong desire to be free and disruptions that feel like they are from outside of himself – and beyond his control. You can help the most by remaining calm yourself, allowing him to make choices, and acknowledging his desire for freedom, feelings of vulnerability, and loss of control. This aspect is moving beyond effect now. It will occur once more six months from now when Uranus goes direct and opposes his Sun again. This next time it will be a shorter transit- only a couple of weeks. Reframing this aspect can be helpful. The energy here is about originality, creativity, and unusual self-expression – helping him focus on the creative potential during this time may benefit all of you.
Result – The son did graduate from High School. He did not go immediately to college, although he is working full-time and enjoying a peaceful relationship with his parents while considering community college.
Question –What have I contributed to the failure of achieving mutually satisfying relationships with three men (two husbands and one relationship between?)
Answer –The most outstanding story I read in your horoscope is told by the squares (90 degree aspects) of your natal Moon (emotions, intuition, feminine receptivity, the unconscious) to both your natal Venus (affections, femininity, money) and Pluto (power, authority, transformation, deep forces, and the co-ruler of your seventh house of marriage.) Venus and Pluto are in turn in close opposition to each other. This high energy aspect suggests that you have made relationship decisions based more on security needs, assuming that your chosen partner had the power to provide for you and fearing you could not provide for yourself. Giving up your power to another can lead to resentment (Moon square Pluto) and power struggles just below the surface (Pluto.) This doesn’t mean you need to leave your current husband. As usual, when we see a pattern in our relationships, the solution lies with us not the other person. You actually have a lot of power and strength as an individual and you have faith in God. If you can recognize and acknowledge your own power and recognize that the source of supply rests in the Divine or Universal not in any other person, you may relieve pressure and relinquish resentment. This can give you a new perspective on your marriage as well as past and future relationships.
Result –The woman asking the question chose to stay in her current marriage. Looking back she was able to see that she has chosen partners based on what she thought would be security, then resented them when they did not provide it. This woman is an accomplished professional who put herself through college and graduate school while raising two children and actually ended up supporting the first husband she married at eighteen. She now reports that being able to accept her own power and ability to provide security for herself gives her a feeling of freedom and possibility –with the ability to choose her future.