Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Answers to Your Frequently Asked Astrology & Numerology Questions





Astrology can clear up or mix up a person as much as any other psychological, philosophical or religious mirror, a looking glass in the endless mirror hall of life.  ~Markku Siivola



Frequently Asked Questions about Astrology and Numerology and the Answers


Q – Are you a psychic astrologer?

A – I do use my intuition when “reading” astrology charts and numerology.  I don’t, however, consider myself a psychic.  You will receive information about upcoming opportunities and challenges, your talents, and areas of life requiring growth when I do an astrology or numerology reading/consultation.


Q – Do you have to have my time and place of birth to do my astrology chart?

A – It is helpful to have your birth time and place.  I can be more specific about the areas of your life (represented by the houses in a horoscope wheel) where you will experience the energies of certain planetary aspects.  There is still a lot of helpful guidance available through astrology even if you don’t know your birth time and/or place.


Q – Why do you ask for my birth name for my numerology?  I’ve used my married name for years.

A – Much like the natal (birth) astrology chart shows the fundamental you; the birth name reveals your core characteristics, talents, desires, and life purpose.  We all learn, grow, change, and play a variety of roles in life.  Many of these roles can be seen in the altered names we use at different times in our lives.  We may use our first and middle initials in business (G.B. Smith rather than Georgia Blake Smith), use a nickname in place of our first name, use a hyphenated last name, or we may legally change our entire name.  The numbers of the name given us at birth will still show our core being.  I’ve experimented with using nicknames and even a name given on a second, reissued birth certificate and each time I found that the numbers of the birth name more accurately reflected the person’s character.